Letter to the editor: Milford School Board candidate Mike McKain

Submit your own letter to the editor to The Milford Chronicle at mc@newszap.com. By Sandy Naumann of Milford I am writing to express my support for Mike McKain for the at-large seat of the Milford School Board. I’m no fan of politics, but I believe strongly that Mr. Mckain has the right combination of experience, […]

Letter to the Editor: Questions after reading Milford candidate questionnaires

Submit your own letter to the editor to The Milford Chronicle at mc@newszap.com. By Spyro Stamat of Lincoln This week I was able to read the articles on the candidates for the at-large seat with the Milford school board. After reading them, I am worried about the future for the taxpayers. Of the five candidates, […]

Milford City Council Ward 2 election: Q&A with John Bechtold

John Bechtold is currently running for the Ward 2 seat on the Milford City Council against incumbent James Burk. See Mr. Burk’s answers here. Age: 45 Occupation: Flight attendant Educational Background: North Harford High School, Pylesville, MD What do you think of Milford? “Milford is culturally and socially diverse, which makes it a great hometown. […]

From the editor: Hometown news sees the ebb, flow of community life

The Milford Chronicle and, in turn, its loyal readership saw a lot of stories in 2016. We were there when Police Chief Kenny Brown took his oath as Milford’s new chief as Police Chief E. Keith Hudson took a new step himself: retirement. The Milford Chronicle was also there when the community cried out as […]

From the Editor: What does compassion mean to you?

It’s been a difficult week. The election has come and gone and folks are still struggling with the results. There’s a powerful quote that is attributed to several historical figures: Plato, Socrates and Philo. There seems to be no concrete evidence behind who said the following: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a […]

The power, impact of an outstanding idea

You’ve perhaps heard it said, “Ideas have legs.” It is an odd expression, and it always conjured up an image in my mind’s eye of a glowing light bulb with stick legs and tiny feet. But in the last 10 weeks, the meaning – and the power – of this saying has become clear to […]

State Representative Candidate Commentaries

Rep. Bobby Outten My first obligation as a State Representative is to help the people of the 30th District. Constituent work is usually performed quietly, often with me or a member of my staff working directly with a single citizen, homeowner, or business owner to resolve a problem with a state agency. This service is […]

From the editor: Boo! Preparing for local Halloween traditions

We’re just over a week away from one of my absolute favorite holidays: Halloween! Growing up, I was that kid that would immerse herself in “holiday tunes” as soon as they became available. We’re talking about cassette tapes with non-stop creaking doors, shrieking humans, howling wolves, ominous organ music and every other “sounds of the […]

Guest Commentary: Dr. Dickerson addresses concerns over increased taxes

This is a guest commentary written by Milford School District’s Superintendent Dr. Kevin Dickerson in response to the comments made at the regular board meeting Monday, Sept. 19. Thank you to those attending the Sept. 19 school board meeting.  We appreciate your critical feedback and questions. For those not attending, the comments that I made […]

From the Editor: Were you ‘just a’ high school student?

Graduations. It’s that time of year again when we celebrate a huge milestone for hundreds of our community members. Much like Milford High School’s valedictorian, Sara Lingo, who quoted several Disney movies during her inspiring speech Thursday night, I am reminded of one of my favorite movies: “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.” The main female character […]