Congratulations Class of 2015

Robert Jacobs

Dear Editor, Milford School District Taxpayers, Parents and the 2015 Graduating\\Class, Congratulations! Yes, Congratulations to the graduates of the 2015 Milford High School.

You now have the dubious distinction of being the most uneducated and most ill prepared for life graduates in the history of Milford High School. However, fret not, as this will only last a year until the next class in 2016 follows you which will be even more illiterate, more unintelligent and more unprepared for whatever path those individuals decide to choose in life.

I’m just sincerely empathetic to the parents who have saved so hard for a college fund only to see it gobbled up by supposed institutions of higher learning by allowing your son or daughter to select and major in worthless subjects such as fashion merchandising, art history & anthropology.

If I have struck a nerve then by all means let me prove my point. A point so direct, so honest and so straightforward that anyone that would dare have the audacity to argue or disagree simply is in a total state of denial and arrogance. Consequently it is no wonder that your school district is in the present state of horrendous, despicable and reprehensible position state within the pecking order of overall achievement.

When it comes to your educators and their success in achieving the goals set forth for your students and their achievement by the state, Milford not only fails, but also falls so embarrassing and woefully short that its ranking is one of the worst in the entire state of Delaware in all levels of measurement. Asking for a new school is an exercise in futility with these documented facts.

Over 90 percent of your most recent diploma receiving individuals cannot construct a proper sentence, write a congruent paper expressing thought, can read past a tenth grade reading level, cannot solve basic math problems like addition, subtraction and multiplication not to mention the total inability to know elementary civics, current events and historical occurrences that have shaped their own everyday lives. Your society is based on achievement yet you have achieved nothing.

At that rate your unprepared falsely educated and illiterate children, due to the arrogance of your educators, their political lobby support and the seriously selfish Delaware State Education Association along with the Department of Education will not be leading this state, this country or the world, but instead will be working as laborers for the Chinese as China now by the latest release of the Program for International Student Assessment is leading the world in education.

South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland and Canada were also way ahead of you as well.

So Hello! This is your wake up call ladies and gentlemen. You need a revolution as it’s time to act.

Governor Markell wants new student achievement tests to measure your students’ achievements but he needs to be careful for what he wishes for as it will only prove in detail what I’ve said here.

To further prove my point I conducted a random testing of your Milford “attendees”. I choose not to use the word “students” because of the failure of their education as well as lack of self motivation and the work ethic path that they chose to take, however I did not allow them to use their smart phones. It should be noted that all these individuals when told of this requirement instantly reacted into a state of anxiety. A sad foot note to our poor education system. The survey was conducted before graduation of exactly 50 randomly selected Cape attendees.

A total of 10 questions. Listed below are the questions asked and the number correctly answered.

Please spell the word nostalgia. Only 6 answered correctly.

Please add 1/2+1/4+2+3/4+1= 4 1/2. Only 28 answered correctly.

Who was the first lady governor in Delaware? Ruth Ann Minner. Only 7 answered correctly.

What was Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech? Gettysburg Address Only 5 answered correctly.

Define alliteration. (English term). Only 5 students made the correct definition and description.

What countries make up North America? Canada and the USA. Only 11 answered correctly.

Who are the DEL congressional members? Carney, Coons & Carper. Only 3 answered correctly.

What two major countries fought the Cold War? USSR & USA. Only 7 answered correctly.

How many counties are in DEL and which one is the largest? Three counties. Largest is Sussex.

Only 22 students named all three counties with only 13 answering Sussex as the largest county.

The city of Milford is part of two Delaware counties and is separated by an estuary (river) which traverses through the city. Name the two counties and also name the estuary (river) that runs or traverses through the town. Kent and Sussex County / The Mispillion River. No students answered both parts correctly. Only 37 answered the second part of the question correctly.

These shocking facts in and of itself give total credence to the proposal that should be presented to the governor and your legislative body by presenting certificates of attendance at the school graduation ceremonies instead of diplomas as diplomas signify and represent passing academic achievement and it is now blatantly obvious as well as shockingly embarrassing that true learning and academic achievement is not even close to occurring in the Milford school district.

Here are some other facts that you truly need to hear and consider. The United States is ranked 19th in the world in education yet spends wastefully an ungodly amount of your hard working tax dollars per student for that poor performance. Of the 51 states (including DC) the state of Delaware is woefully ranked near the bottom of the listing at 47th yet unbelievably so spends more tax dollars (your hard earned money) per student than all other states except one! Talk about not getting the most bang for your buck. Let me pose this question. With the above mentioned being documented fact how bad of an education are your children really receiving at Milford?


This shows and proves unequivocally that wanting to build and wastefully spend unnecessarily a school with an ostentatious representation of the “Taj Mahal” just in order to have local county and southern Delaware bragging rights over Sussex Tech, Cape Henlopen and now Dover obviously does not necessarily improve student learning now does it? Your society was built on the rewarding of success. Unfortunately, there has been no success much less learning at Milford.

With this poor “report card” and the indication for improvement within the near future nonexistent, it is highly unlikely that your vot ers will be willing to allow you to be successful in getting even your next referendum passed. It should be remembered that success is to be rewarded and should be, however Milford for some time now has been unsuccessful in all facets of its educational plan, administrative oversight and school board guidance in proper school use, financial oversight with wasteful spending and the correct order of new school construction.

In closing, please know this ladies and gentlemen. I’m not telling you the things you want to hear, I’m doing you a service and favor by telling you the things that you need to here. Just the facts!


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